An Alternative Investment Bank Providing Unconventional Loans

Amy Parscal
"Eqcho was able to help us deal with a very complicated situation in getting funding for our businesses to buy out 2 business partners and get a loan to purchase the property our business operates on. Robert's intimate knowledge of unconventional loans and finance combined with his creative problem solving abilities were instrumental in getting the deals funded. We are extremely grateful we were introduced to Robert and his company. We will be recommending them as a solid resource to obtain funding."

Unconventional Loan Solutions

Many factors come into play. Especially when working with companies or entities in emerging markets and an unconventional loan.

We are leading the nation in providing non traditional loans as an alternative investment bank. Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of business financial services to help your organization sustain and grow.

eQcho has a proven track record. With years of expertise, combined with national lending partnerships, we  can provide you with all of your business financing needs.

Do your needs include a real estate loan, new equipment financing, accounts receivable,  inventory funding, working capital or to acquire a company? eQcho is your unconventional loan solution. Did your business just start? Better yet, it’s well established? Either way, we offer our funding solutions.

Unconventional Loan Services for Emerging Markets

We consider the whole picture for real estate funding. From the individuals involved, to the state and local licenses required. We offer a network of specialized appraisal and title companies to speed up the process as efficient as possible.

Does your emerging market business need funding for equipment? We are happy to provide you with a no-hassle equipment financing solution. We require one quick and easy application. Minimal paperwork is needed for initial approval. Once approved, we’ll work diligently to process your loan.

Have you ever thought about buying a functioning business? Great! A business acquisition loan will enable you to do just that. As long as the business is financially sound and can support financing, there should be no issue securing an unconventional loan as an alternative investment bank.

Are you a publicly traded company looking for financing? If so, eQcho is happy to provide you with a hassle-free stock loan for your financing needs.  Our initial approval process is easy. As a result we require one easy application with minimal paperwork.

Working capital is intended to finance business activity that you are looking to pursue. Maybe it’s for a future marketing campaign or possibly launching a new product. The funds are yours to use with sufficient sources of collateral. That is to say for accounts receivable, inventory or equipment.

Do you have an order you aren’t able to fulfill? As a result, you may have a purchase order that has been received from a customer, but not yet manufactured. Comparatively, this product is like accounts receivable. Purchase order financing allows you to free up cash. To conclude, you can now manufacture your product.

eQcho is a Successful Unconventional Loan Company

We have been financing and processing loans for organizations nationwide since 2016. In summary, we have successfully funded over 40 deals. As a result, eQcho has processed over $35,000,000 in unconventional loan capital through alternative investment bank channels.

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Real Estate
Working Capital
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Meet Our Team

Robert Kerr
Founder and Managing Partner
Robert is responsible for investment decisions and manages the day-to-day activities of the company.
Duncan Morton
Duncan has over 25 years of experience in financing in emerging markets with a background in corporate valuations and advisory services etc.
Joseph Lambert
Chief Investment Officer
Joseph has 35+ years experience in financial markets and worked for several major Wall Street money management firms.