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Purchase Order Financing

Loan Amounts Available
$5,000,000 to $50,000,000

Get your cash flow back on track with purchase order financing…

Do you have an order you aren’t able to fulfill? Purchase order financing is a means to fund an order that has been received from a customer, but not yet manufactured. Similar to accounts receivable, purchase order financing allows you to free up cash and manufacture your product.

Sample Deal 
The client has a supplier for $1M in COGS. The client will make $2M once the State of Ohio pays. However, the client does not have $1M in cash to pay the supplier. eQcho will pay the $1M directly to the supplier, and have it shipped to Ohio, the end buyer. Ohio will pay eQcho through a lockbox. The cash will be given to the client, minus the fees and initial COGS.

purchase order financing

General Terms

  • Loan Amount:  5M to 50M
  • Amount Paid: 100% of supplier invoice
  • Term: 36 months
  • Time to Close: 1 week post all receivables being assigned
"I am the financial controller and oversee the financial responsibilities for the company. I've been with the company for almost 3 years. Our company has to be creative and look outside of the box to find new resources to keep a strong cash flow in order to expand the reach of our business. It's been in an ever-evolving mission and we feel we have come a long way from where we have started over the past 3 years till now and eQcho Capital has been a great resource in this success of growth."
Financial Controller

Benefits of PO Financing

  • Cash available within 48 hours – no audits
  • Credit information and analysis available
  • Customized statements and reporting
  • Improves uneven cash flow
  • Meets seasonal or temporary demand
  • No long term contracts
  • Reduces accounts payable
  • Vendor support, discounts and guarantees

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